DIEZTUDIO takes root in a world where multiculturalism is our strength.

A world of technology that connects more than 7 billion free spirits and allows everyone to transmit a message directly to a multitude of interested parties. Let’s be aware of this magical instrument in order to proudly display the plurality of our tastes and the diversity of our cultural heritages.

In this new DIEZTUDIO era we celebrate all forms of Renaissance. Like young branches growing from the base of a cut tree or even Jesuit crosses painted green in Paraguay as a symbol of life, we can invent ourselves again! The Renaissance of our time is underway, and it is up to us to join it.

Creativity is all we need to excel. It is thanks to our imagination that we have gone from rock to jewel, from cotton to clothing or even from clay to ceramic. Our task is to invent, innovate and constantly share the fruits of our efforts! We will share with you the results of our visual thoughts and best experiments. Stay tuned with DIEZTUDIO!


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Hipólito medina 7441. Asuncion - Paraguay.

Mon to Frid - 10am to 6pm